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At Last... A Multi-Certified Personal Fitness Instructor And Success Coach Spills The Beans On Weight Loss And How To Really Achieve It Naturally And Permanently...

From the desk of: Karen Sessions, NSCA-CPT
Author of, How to Lose Weight Forever!


Dear Friend,

STOP! If you have blown your last buck on the latest fad diet or "revolutionary weight-loss plan" then you REALLY need to give me just 2 minutes of your time and read this letter right now...

...Because you have been lied to, misinformed, mislead, and forced-fed tons in useless, bad, and even harmful weight loss information. It's actually this force-fed misinformation that's keeping you fat and preventing you from losing weight and living the life you dream of and deserve!

I know because I have watched client after client come to me at their wits end, struggling with strict diets and endless exercise to drop body fat, only to never see the scale move or their body change.

How Disheartening!



I'm Going To Expose The Hushed-Up Weight Loss Secrets That Just A Few Are Using To Drop Pounds Like Crazy!

Look... I'm going to be up front with you. There are no magic pills you can take to make weight just magically drop off your body. Starving yourself doesn't work because you'll end up in an uncontrollable binge, packing on more pounds than what you started with. Fad diets come and go and never give long-lasting weight loss.

how-to-lose-weight-karen-imageBUT, I can tell you some totally cool facts about weight loss and how YOU can achieve it. My name is Karen Sessions and I've been in the weight loss and fitness industry for well over 20 years. I've mastered the art of shedding body fat, building lean muscle tissue, and totally transforming bodies. I've done it for myself and I've helped thousands of clients do it as well.

Through years of research, working with fitness gurus, and trial and error I have discovered the underground covered-up weight-loss secret formula other people REFUSE to tell you! My weight loss discoveries totally explain why most people have an absolutely difficult time losing weight and even keeping it off. You are going to be TOTALLY SHOCKED to find out the REAL SECRETS to permanent weight loss!

How did I find out these covered-up weight loss secrets? Well, my journey began when I started competing in natural female bodybuilding. I found that by the simple act of clearing up my diet, fat just melted off, transforming my body EVERY DAY! However, as with most bodily responses, adaption sets in. From there I discovered tips, tricks, and tactics to PROPEL FAT LOSS, LIGHTING MY METABOLISM ON FIRE, AND DROPPING BODY FAT LIKE CRAZY!

But, I found that for successful and permanent weight loss, there is a loophole missed by a majority of the doctors, dietitians, body transformation coaches, personal trainers, figure competitors, and even bodybuilders!



Not Only Did I Crack The REAL Fat Loss Code Directly, But Also Dissected The Weight Loss Formula To Keep Fat Off Permanently!

It took me YEARS of work and research to realize the truth hiding behind the weight loss industry and media's fat loss lies and false promises. Through ALL my years, studies, research, and personal trial and error I found the PROVEN Weight-Loss Blueprint and I TOTALLY EXPOSE The Truth About Weight Loss Once and For All!


20+ Year Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Veteran Exposes the Secrets of How To Lose Weight Forever!


Finally... A Dynamic Weight Loss System to

* Burn Fat Deposits
* Boost Energy
* Reshape Your Body
* Eliminate Food Cravings

Without surgery, without drugs, without starving...


I'm breaking the silence on the REAL SECRETS of how to lose weight with never before EXPOSED weight loss cover-ups that you can reveres your weight gain and leverage yourself to start melting body fat like butter IMMEDIATELY...


"I purchased your eBook How to Lose Weight Forever yesterday and read it cover to cover. It was FILLED with so much VALUABLE INFORMATION!

I cannot tell you how good it made me feel to have the knowledge and tools I need to begin my weight-loss journey.

Thank you for writing a very informative and TRUTHFUL book."

Tanisha Williams




Have You Ever Wondered What The Secret To Weight Loss Is... Why Some Succeed And Others Fail Miserably?

I have been breaking free from the weight loss lies that are CONSTANLTY being forced-fed to both of us. I have seen the weight-loss industry from both sides of the fence. There's nothing I can do about "them" telling you lies, but I can give you the REAL AND RAW weight loss information that I swiped from the bodybuilding and figure renegades to teach you the REAL TRUTH about how to lose weight and keep it off for the long-haul.

I'm pretty sure the fitness industry is hot on my tail and will probably refuse to even speak to me after this release. I'll have comfort in knowing that I EXPOSED THE TRUTH ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS!

What's sad is that THOUSANDS of fad diets and exercise gizmos hit the fitness and weight loss industry yearly and most are pure garbage. Ninety-nine percent of those following the "latest fad diet" will lose muscle and water, decrease their metabolism, burn out, and in the end, regain all their lost weight in the form of fat plus more! They live discouraged and unhealthy while a small minority know and use the weight loss secrets and live the slim, trim, and fit life.

Those who compete in the fitness and physique industry have a foot in the door about how to achieve fat loss... PERMANENTLY! This is why it's utterly important to listen to what I have to say because I've been i the fitness industry for over 20 years, I am a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, and I have helped millions of clients achieve stunning body transformations and I can help you, too!

Liza Merriment

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Have You Ever Thought That There Might Be A Small Difference Between Your Weight Loss Methods And the Fat Loss Methods Of Figure And Bodybuilding Athletes... Ones That Produces Massively Different Results?

The answer that sums up neatly why you have been failing with your weight loss program is one that may anger you and confuse you... It's because nearly all websites, books, and trainers are teaching you to fail.

Of course, they will tell you that the techniques take time to work... and that you're the reason you have failed up until now... and I admit, sometimes it's true, but many times it's the weight loss path taken that leads to failure due to misinformation and lies.

The slim, healthy, and fit lifestyle you have been striving for and once pictured yourself living... Is there any real change there? I doubt it because you are reading this letter. You see, most of what you've been told and bought into regarding weight loss is counterproductive.

You see... And, I am writing to you today to tell you that you have may have one last chance to grasp the lean and fit body you've always wanted. And what's more, it's a body you can carve out in your home or in the gym in less than an hour a day. You'll NEVER have to buy another weight loss product... EVER!


"First of all, I want to say that I am loving this schedule and routine, and that enjoy the workouts, look forward to them every night, and can't believe I feel that way! I haven't stuck to anything in years and years,let alone enjoy it.

I feel absolutely great. My energy level has improved, water retention and bloating are greatly reduced, headaches are disappearing. Amazing! I can tell you that I feel a difference. I feel tighter, and my clothes are fitting just a little bit differently.

This is the most fun I've had in a while and I love it!"

Karen Davis




This One Simple Weight Loss System Will Totally Change Your Body And Mind With It's Proven And Powerful Tactics...

So what's the catch? No catch, my friend... Just the plain and simple truth about weight loss. The tips, tactics, and secrets no one else in the health of fitness industry is willing to share. To cash in on mega weight loss you will have to follow me completely in a new direction.

In this new healthy weight loss direction you'll notice...

Your clothes fitting better, fitting more loosely in certain areas... No more lying on the bed to button your pants...
The scale moving down each and every day you step on it and every time you see that scale number decrease you feel better...
That you start wearing clothes you actually like because they fit you the way they should and they look great on you...
That you put on a swimsuit and hit the pool or beach and NOT try to cover up your body because you are proud of yourself...
That you're going to the gym more and even liking it because you can see and feel the changes physically and mentally...
That you begin to like how you look in the mirror more and more because you see yourself transforming all the time...
That you are gaining more control over your life, feeling vibrant, powerful, and strong...
That you are building self-confidence each day which empowers you to keep striving...

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It's Time To Start Being Happy, Being Proud Of Your Body And Enjoying Life...

You see... The problem with most weight loss plans and diets is they are intended for a short-time for a quick result. Quick results are short-lived and nothing is ever really accomplished. Honestly... Who want's to drop 20-40 pounds in the course of two months and regain it ALL back PLUS MORE the month after?

A quality weight loss, body transformation system provides lasting results to give you the body you want and deserve, to boost your self-confidence, and totally change your life.

There one main reason why figure competitors and natural bodybuilders can lose body fat on demand and even keep fit and well-trimmed in their off-season...

...They KNOW and USE the real information on fat loss.

Nick Nilsson - Certified Personal Trainer
Expert Review


"How to Lose Weight Forever" is a MUST-HAVE eBook for anyone looking to get factual and practical information on how to drop the extra fat quickly and effectively.

This is solid information that ANYBODY can put to work for themselves and start seeing results right away.

Not only has Karen put together all the background information you need to get started, she's included 4 complete fat-loss programs and a TON of motivational success stories.

This book is about lifestyle change - not painful but healthful!

Nick Nilsson, C.P.T.
Author of "Metabolic Surge- Rapid Fat Loss"




I'm Breaking The Silence And Revealing The Weight Loss Secrets The Top Dogs Don't Want You To Know Because It Will Crush Their Profits...

I know... the LAST thing you probably want to do is invest in ANOTHER weight-loss tactic or be left feeling unjust again.

However... You will be absolutely SHOCKED and AMAZED when you discover that making just a few minor and easy adjustments in eating and exercising you can DRAMATICALLY reduce your body fat like you've never imagined.

Experts agree that everyone is different and will react or respond to certain weight-loss programs differently. How to Lose Weight Forever has taken that fact into consideration and constructed 4 different weight-loss programs to get the fat off your body safely and permanently.

What does this mean to you?

It means that How to Lose Weight Forever is the ONLY eBook on the market that doesn't give you a one-shot approach to fat loss. The weight-loss program YOU choose depends on certain factors that are clearly covered starting on page 202.

Sharon Followed the
Insulin Buster Plan

Sharon followed the Insulin Buster Plan outlined in How to Lose Weight Forever. The Insulin Buster Plan is precisely designed for those who are carb-sensitive and for those who have type 2 diabetes. Sharon lost an amazing 11 pounds of sheer body fat and never lost an ounce of lean muscle tissue! Sharon sliced her body fat, boosted her metabolism, regained her overall health, and is loving life!

Sharon was an overweight child and an anorexic teenager. She got married and had kids at a very young age. With such as stressful start in life, Sharon self-medicated herself for 10 years with food for "healing." She woke up one day at 265 pounds and absolutely miserable. Sharon drew up the courage to go and meet with a personal trainer. He said "the best you could ever hope for, if you are lucky, is to hit 200 pounds, and that's pushing it".

Personally, I was flabbergasted that a personal trainer would ever make this remark to someone seek out help. Most people would have given up after such a comment from an authoritative figure, but Sharon gave this "personal trainer" a piece of her mind and went on to educate herself on fitness and nutrition via How to Lose Weight Forever.

Sharon incorporated the Insulin Buster Plan outlined in How to Lose Weight Forever, which is specifically designed for those who are insulin resistant and/or obese. On this program Sharon has successfully dropped her weight to a stunning 186 pounds.

Sharon's long-term goal is 145 pounds, and I know, as a "personal trainer" and success coach, that she will indeed reach her ultimate goal. I'm with her all the way, cheering her on and helping to push her across the finish line!

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Just Imagine... You CAN Lose Weight, You CAN Reshape Your Body, You CAN Make Lasting Changes And Really Start Living And Loving Life... It's Your Choice!

Look... If you've tried to lose weight before and failed it's not your fault. I can TOTALLY show you how to easily and effortlessly drop unwanted pound so easy it's like childs-play. Those using How to Lose Weight Forever report insane weight loss in record time, while at the same time improving their overall health!


Because How to Lose Weight Forever is based on the natural approach to weight loss to drive toxins and fat right out your body, resulting in weight loss and restored health. Not only that, I totally EXPOSE SECRET fat loss tactics no one else dares to share.

Just think about how you will look and feel once you learn...

The uncut facts on the 6 critical factors that make fat loss possible. (page 14)
What many doctors really have to say about weight loss. You'll be SHOCKED! (page 36)
Information on the "genetic fat-gene;" is it real or just a myth.
(page 69)
The 11 misleading factors about weight loss that you have fallen victim to, and how you can overcome them. (page 36)
The 19 factors you can start incorporating RIGHT NOW to get the fat moving and off your body. (page 76)
Easy and quick ways to overcome plateaus and keep fat loss in high-gear. (page 84)
Quick and easy ways to shrink your stomach and make it smaller in record time. (page 90)



"I just wanted to tell you, WOW! I bought your eBook How to Lose Weight, Forever and was intrigued with the content since it wasn't your everyday general information. I really like your weight-loss approach since it's all natural and teaches you how to change your body (and mind) from the inside out.

I tried The Insulin Buster Plan for weight loss that you outlined in the book and had shocking results in just 4 days! I nearly fell over when I saw that I lost 9 pounds in just 4 days!

That initial weight loss has me so excited that it's no problem for me to stick with the program because I'm seeing and feeling positive changes in my body everyday; not to mention I feel GREAT!

I just wanted to thank you for your up-front, no nonsense approach to weight loss."

Thanks so much,
Kelley Hamilton
Selby, SD




You Can TOTALLY Take Advantage Of The Same Exact Weight Loss System And Get The Same Dramatic Fat Loss Results!

Now the question is how much does it cost to lose weight, drop body fat, and totally transform your body?

Well, as a personal trainer, if I worked with you one-on-one as a client in my gym it would run you about $75 an hour. If you train with me personally in the gym 3 times a week that can run almost $1,000 a month!

But that's not what this is about. This is about you investing in a PROVEN weight-loss system 25 years in the making, hand written by me, every single word. It's THE fat loss system I used on myself and on my e-clients to get fat loss results quickly and effectively.


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I mean really... You could easily spend 10 times that much on other weight-loss programs out there that don't give CLOSE to the amount of information I give you in "How to Lose Weight Forever!"

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By ordering "How to Lose Weight Forever" RIGHT NOW I will totally give you these 7 AMAZING weight loss bonus reports covering everything from why binges take place and how to control them to the pros and cons of the popular fat-blocker supplements.

These special weight loss bonus reports will give you the weight loss advantage.

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Your 7 Bonus Reports...

Bonus Report #1 - Why Binges Take Place
Have you ever wondered why you binge? This enlightening report discusses the hidden causes of uncontrollable binges. Learn what you can do to take matters into your own hands and prevent this devastating act once and for all.

Bonus Report #2 - The Truth About Cardio
This amazing report uncovers the real truth about cardio. Is the general target herat rate method as productive for fat burning as many claim? Find out what works best, and what doesn't when it comes to true fat-burning exercises!

Bonus Report #3 - Female Body Shapes
This unique report reveals six body shapes that women struggle with. It also provides cardio methods for each as well as which exercises work best for each shape.

Bonus Report #4 - Fat Blocker Supplements
This unique report uncovers the deception and negative effects of the popular fat-blocking supplements. Discover the horrid truth about how they literally strip the body of essentials and vital nutrients. Don't be fooled any longer.

Bonus Report #5 - Beware of Before and After Photos
This is an in-depth look at how those astounding photos can be deceiving! Can YOU read between the lines or are you being fooled? Who are the people in the photos and how did they really attain that physique?

Bonus Report #6 - Choose a Health Club
Many people don't join a heath club because they are intimidated, don't know how to effectively scope out one, and are afraid they won't know what to do once they join. This report will cover how to find the health club that best suits your needs and goals.

Bonus Report #7 - Out of the Ordinary
This enlightening report covers how to eat in restaurants and still be in control and manage your fat-loss efforts. Get quick tips on how to order food, what to eat, and what to stay away from.



After this introductory special of $39.97, the bonus reports will be ELIMIATED and "How to Lose Weight Forever" will be sold for $67.



how-to-lose-weight-dot-image But Wait... There's More...

how-to-lose-weight-special-image That's right. I'm in a giving mood. Grab these bonus eBooks while you can! You will be AMAZED at what they uncover and they are all yours at no extra cost just for ordering "How to Lose Weight Forever" RIGHT NOW!

Bonus #1 - Fat Loss Recipes

Tasty Fat Loss & Muscle Gaining Recipes

If you order "How to Lose Weight Forever" RIGHT NOW I will toss in this recipe eBook loaded with over 25 delicious Tasty Fat Loss & Muscle Gaining Recipes.

This recipe eBook will provide you great ideas for planning out your daily meals. No more boring cans of tuna and bowls of plain oatmeal. You'll learn some outstanding recipes for meals.

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Double Your Fat Loss

What if you could double, maybe even triple your fat loss success... would you be interested?

If you think that the difficulty in losing weight is a lack of will-power and focus, and all your fault, you are completely wrong.

Find out what the FDA allows to be in your food, water, air, and personal care supply that hinders your ability to lose fat effectively.

Burst through the fat loss barrier to lose stubborn fat and boost overall health!

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Bonus #3 - Shocking Truth About Food Labels

Shocking Truth About Food Labels

Think the "light," "fat-free," "low-fat," "low-carb," etc. food labels are a "tell all" for what's in your food product?

Think again!

This exclusive eBook reveals the mystery behind those fancy food labels that keep you confused and overweight.

To the uninformed consumer these labels may seem harmless. However, once you see this in-depth look at the misleading food labels, you will think twice before purchasing such foods EVER AGAIN.

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Bonus #4 - Trim Your Hips, Thighs, & Buttocks

Trim Your Hips, Thighs, & Buttocks

Imagine having a lower body workout designed by me that will tone and tighten all those lower body trouble spots.

That's right... You can trim-up your lower body with this exclusive eBook complete with a lower body exercise program to bring out your best.

This eBook covers simple tactics on tackling the bulge below.

Finally, have all the tools necessary to lose fat and trim up your body healthy and quickly.

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VIP Membership Package

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